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Buy Scottish Land Gift

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Buy Scottish Land Gift

<h1><span style='font-size: 12px;'>Buy the the gift noboby expect</span></h1>

Buy the the gift noboby expect

Highland Titles, Become a Lord or Lady
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Highland Titles, Become a Lord or Lady

Choose the land size
1 Sq Foot - Souvenir 29.99
10 Sq Foot - Standard 49.99
100 Sq Foot - Camping 99.99

Give the gift nobody would expect and preserve part of the Scottish Highlands

You Can Buy Land in Scotland & Become a Lord or Lady, How brilliant is that!

Scottish landowners have long been called Lairds (Lords) and Ladies and now you can become a titled landowner too with plots starting at £29.99 for one square foot.

You can also buy much larger plots of land – the perfect gift for someone with Scottish ancestry or for those who are passionate about conservation.

1 sq foot - Souvenir - £29.99
10 sq foot - Standard - £49.99
100 sq foot - Camping - £99.99

Please see FAQ suppied by our supplier for all your queries

** Information below is supplied by our supplier **

Can I change my bank account, credit cards etc?

Many of our customers decide to ask their bank to add their new title to their bank account and their credit cards. We include in each gift pack the Master Title Deed, accepted in many jurisdictions internationally which also recognise Deed Poll documents. The Master Title Deed may be used to confirm your new title to your bank and even government agencies. Where local law permits, this will enable you to change your title to Laird, Lord or Lady.

Please note that government documents which do not display any title, such as all passports and in some jurisdictions your drivers licence cannot be changed.

What is a Master Title Deed?

The Master Title Deed is similar to a Deed Poll in the way that it operates. The Deed Poll is based on a person’s right to adopt the name of their choice and asserts their intention to do so. The Master Title deed can also be used to do this, but in addition is gives effect to a person’s right to adopt a title that they have authority to use and asserts their intention to do so. Owners of a small Scottish estate have this right to adopt the title of Laird (Lord) or Lady. The Master Title Deed gives effect to your choice.

Are there any hidden charges, taxes, or future payments to make?

No. There are no land taxes in Scotland and absolutely no other costs associated with buying or owning this land. We maintain public liability insurance over the entire wood which will continue in force after your purchase. You will have no further expense to pay after the initial purchase price.

My payment did not go through. How can I pay?

Please go to our Manual Payment page and pay with a card. You will be asked to enter your order number, which looks like LOG_20130725_12345. If you prefer to pay with any other means, please contact us.

Who is running this project?

Please read our About Us page for more information

Do I need to register my land?

No. You cannot register your land, because this is a such a small plot; specifically it is defined as a “souvenir plot”. A souvenir plot is defined in the Land Registration (Scotland) Act 1979 as “a piece of land which, being of inconsiderable size or no practical utility, is unlikely to be wanted in isolation except for the sake of mere ownership or for sentimental reasons or commemorative purposes”. This inability to register the land does not prevent us transferring personal ownership of the plot to you which you can in turn sell on to another party, or gift to your heirs in due course.

Unlike in England, Scotland still permits the sale of souvenir plots of land land under contract law without the need to register the sale. Although a right of ownership in land (in the sense of a right that is enforceable against third parties) can traditionally only be obtained by registration in the Land Register or by recording a deed in the Register of Sasines as appropriate, by using contract law these small plots of land can be sold without the expense of registration which would otherwise make this uneconomical.

As the Scottish Law Commission wrote in 2005, in the Discussion Paper on Land Registration: Registration, Rectification and Indemnity:

Discussion Paper on Land Registration: Registration, Rectification and Indemnity

Please note that the fact that the Keeper is obliged to reject any registration of a souvenir plot does not necessarily mean that “ownership” can be obtained by some other means. It is therefore imperative that you purchase only through a reputable vendor such as Highland Titles. Indeed recent advice from the Law Society of Scotland gives this same advice.

You will receive a copy of the Certificate of Sale in your pack which confirms that ownership has been transferred to you..

For further information please read: Land Registration Scottish law of property is complex. Our sales are made with the advice of our Scottish solicitors, J. & H. Mitchell W.S. of Pitlochry, Perthshire.

What can I do with the land – can I pitch my tent?

As the new owner, you can come and visit; take a walk in Glencoe Wood, take a photograph of your Estate, and picnic by the river. You will be able to enjoy bird watching, fungi spotting, country pursuits and lots of tranquility. You are welcome to plant a tree or scatter Ashes. If your estate is a large one (100 sqft or larger), you may wish to put your tent up and stay for a few days. As there may be a tree on your plot (it IS a wood), we permit large plot owners to camp anywhere on the estate.

The land is zoned as woodland so development (a house for example) would not be permitted by the local Planning Authority.

How large are the plots?

We sell four different plot sizes. 1, 10, 100 or 1000 square foot.

How will I know which plot is mine?

In order to legally transfer your personal right to the plot we need to be able to define its location precisely. We do this by providing you with the exact location, using the UK Ordnance Survey reference system, to the nearest millimetre. The location of each plot is unique. Even using a professional surveyor it may be impossible to precisely locate the smallest plots we sell – yet. GPS accuracy continues to improve. However we also provide you with an estimate of the latitude and longitude of your plot to help you locate it with GPS systems that do not use the OS system such as the iPhone and many inexpensive GPS devices whose primary purpose is car travel. Using such familiar items you will be able to reach the area of your plot.

The physical location of each plot is not marked on the ground, though we do not object to you marking it once you have found it. We believe that a wood carpeted with thousands of marker poles would be unattractive, even if practical. Several plot owners have placed memorial stones, cairns or flags on their plots and this is every landowner’s right.

How will other people know which plot is mine?

In order to legally transfer your personal right to the plot we need to be able to identify you. Should you ever purchase registrable land in Scotland your solicitor will require that you identify yourself with a photo ID such as a passport and proofs of your address. We are pleased to say that no such formal requirements exist for souvenir plots!

Proof of Ownership
Proof of Ownership
The purchaser of the plot provides their full name and address plus an email address where we can contact you. We issue the legal documents in the name you provide to us, care of our office, and should we need to contact the new owner, we will do it through you. Prima facie proof of ownership thereafter will reside in possession of the plastic card (Plot Card) that is issued with your documents. Please keep it safe. If anyone uses your land with your permission, please provide them with your card, which they may be required to show to one of our wardens. If you intend to gift, sell or leave the land to anyone, please also transfer possession of the Plot Card.

Can I purchase a plot for someone other than me?

Absolutely. When you place your order you will be required to enter the name of the new landowner. This can be any name that you like.

If you would like a message enclosed to the new Laird/Lady/Lord and the pack shipped directly to them, then this is all part of the service, as is customising the deeds with a special date i.e. a birthday or anniversary.

Can I use my title for anything and in any situation?

You may use your title at any time except for any illegal purpose – such as to commit fraud, or obtain money by deception.

Can I leave my land to anyone?

Your land and title can be left to anybody through your Will upon your death or even sold to someone else if you wish to sell the land, after all, it is yours.

There are two covenants on the land. One prevents shooting and the second prevents your Estate from being subdivided.

Can I purchase several plots next to each other?

Yes. As long as the plots are the same size, then all the plots you order at the same time will be next to each other. Any plots ordered later may be part of a different block, though they will be close by.

How will my personal message be added to the documents?

If you purchase a plot of land from us we will happily add your personal message into the sealed pack at no additional charge. Your gift message will be printed on a slip of paper.

You will be prompted to provide a personal message for each person at the bottom of the page where you enter your delivery address.

Personal messages are not available to add to accessories when purchased without a land plot.

What precisely is a Joint Pack?

When you buy a Joint Pack you receive everything that you would otherwise receive by buying two single packs – except: The documents will arrive in a single folder and will have only one (joint) covering letter of welcome from Lady Laura.

You WILL receive two adjacent plots, each belonging to one person, and all the deeds of ownership.

For example, for a ‘joint’ title for 100 square feet. you would actually receive 200 square feet of land in total? Being 100 square feet under each persons name.

Can I buy one plot with two names?

Each plot can be owned by one person only. If you need to buy for a couple, purchase a joint pack or two single packs.

I want the documents to have a special date. Will you still send it now?

Yes, whatever date you ask to be used on the documentation, we will still mail your pack without delay, unless instructed otherwise.

Is the frame in the photograph included?

No, this is shown to demonstrate that the Deed may be displayed in a frame.

What does the Gift Wrap service provide?

The gift packaging comprises a scarlet red paper, hand wrapped around the pack, with a length of gold ribbon folded around the package and sealed with a gold seal, embossed with the Glencoe Estates Seal “Highland Titles – Glencoe”.

This is then covered with a plastic film to protect the gift wrap in transit and a label is attached to this outer covering to confirm the details of the recipient.

What about public liability insurance?

The risk that somebody may injure themselves on YOUR plot are slim. However Highland Titles wish to ensure that anyone who does suffer a mishap on the Keil Estate will be compensated. We have therefore taken out £10,000,000 of Property Owners Liability cover from FIM Services Limited (FIM) who provide specialist investment products and services in areas of sustainable forestry and renewable energy in the UK

FIM Services Ltd
Glebe Barn
Great Barrington
Oxon, OX18 4US

We advise that there is therefore no need for you to hold additional insurance to cover your estate.

Can I visit my land?

Yes, it is yours after all!

We provide you with a map, map reference and full instructions on how to visit Keil Estate and your piece of Glencoe Wood. Park your car and Glencoe wood is a short walk along a leafy lane along the pretty Salachan Burn. Look closely in the spring and you may well see salmon running upstream to spawn!

Is Glencoe Wood in Glencoe?

No, Glencoe Wood lies between Glen Salachan and Glen Duror. There is another wood in Glencoe also called Glencoe Wood and this fragment might once have been contiguous with that. Unfortunately a lot of commercial forestry now lies between our Glencoe Wood and Glencoe, comprising foreign species such as Sitka and Larch. Replacement of these commercial species with appropriate native species is one of our objectives. Glencoe Wood forms an important part of the Highland Titles Nature Reserve and is managed as such.

Now I’m a Laird. Does that make my wife a Lady?

Only in your eyes.

The Title of Laird is a descriptive title that may be applied to the owner of a Scottish Estate. The title Laird of Glencoe may only be used with our permission. Your Spouse or children will need to own their own piece of Scotland to have their own title. Our Joint Packs make this simple, giving each of you a plot of your own, side by side doubling your land size.

What about a Crest and Tartan?

As a Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe, you will be able to display the Glencoe Crest and wear the Glencoe Tartan which has been specially designed for us by local tartan designers “Lochalsh Weavers”. This has been registered with the official Scottish Register of Tartans exclusively for Lairds of Glencoe.

For details of the “crest” that you have our permission to display as a Laird of Glencoe please visit our Heraldry page.

Who is Lord Lyon?

The Lord Lyon is a retired Scottish historian and solicitor called David Sellar, who has an interest in matters ceremonial and heraldic. He has been a Member of the Ancient Monuments Board for Scotland (abolished in 2003) and Vice-President of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. He has also served on the Council of the Scottish Genealogy Society and the Heraldry Society of Scotland.

This is what the Scottish Government web site says about his office “The Court of the Lord Lyon”:


Court of the Lord Lyon

Court of the Lord Lyon
HM New Register House
Edinburgh EH1 3YT

The Lord Lyon King of Arms has jurisdiction, subject to appeal to the Court of Session and the House of Lords, on questions of heraldry and the right to bear Arms. The Court administers the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland and the Public Register of All Genealogies and Birthbrieves in Scotland. The Lord Lyon, in his administrative capacity, grants Patents of Arms and, in his judicial role, authorises the Matriculation of existing Armorial Bearings. No Armorial Bearings may be used in Scotland unless they are on record in the Public Register of all Arms and Bearings in Scotland. The Lord Lyon may grant Arms to Scotsmen and women at home and abroad.

The Court does not undertake genealogical research, as the result of such research may be incorporated in a Petition to the Lord Lyon.


The Lord Lyon has no official governance of the sale of land or the adoption of the style of Laird by the new owner, though this is a not uncommon misconception. In a recent letter to one of our customers, he clarifies that he is not involved in the matter of Lairdships.

How can you sell me a title?

We cannot sell you a title. We are simply acknowledging your right to use the title of Laird, Lord or Lady as a Scottish landowner. If you prefer not to assume a title, you will be given that option when you make your land purchase. The advise of Scottish Solicitors, Halliday Campbell is “in Scotland anyone can, subject to requirements of good faith, call themselves whatever they like, including “Laird”,“Lord” or “Lady“.” We do not know of any jurisdiction where this is not true.

What if I get married/change my name

If you change your name, for example you marry, the documents can be reissued in your new name. This can be ordered from our Accessories page for a small sum to cover postage and the cost of printing the documents.

Is there an age limit?

We are happy to provide a Certificate of Sale to anyone of any age! Some of our customers are still unborn. This is a very popular Christening gift, so you may order for anyone of any age with confidence.

£5.00 - Signarture required

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Buy Scottish Land Gift


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